Aug 23, 2009

Where to Get Passports

The procedures and places for getting a passport vary according to an individual's requirements. It all depend on whether the passport you are applying for is your first one or whether you are merely getting your old passport renewed, or whether your passport is lost or stolen. Your passport source may also depend on the kind of work that you are doing. For example, if you are a diplomat or a government official then the procedure involved in your getting a passport and the place that will issue your passport will be entirely different from the case of a tourist.

Usually, if you are applying for your passport for the first time then you will have to apply in person. The same applies for those whose passports are lost, stolen or damaged, or those whose passports expired more than fifteen years ago, or those who need to renew a passport which they got made when they were sixteen years of age or less. If you have changed your name, which is mentioned, in your passport even then it is mandatory to apply in person.

There are a number of centers in the various American states where you can easily go and apply for your new passport. Passport application centers also have special facilities for individuals suffering with some handicap. Most of the centers even have a photo-on-site facility or photo-nearby facility.

Those American citizens who reside outside the country will have to visit the American consulates in their host countries and also inquire about the passport regulations in the host countries to know about the exact procedures that they might have to follow in order to acquire a new passport. Diplomats and government officials need to apply in Washington DC to get their no-fee special passports.

The American government is constantly striving to make the passport acquiring procedure easier. They also want to save people from the threat that various agencies claiming to issue passports pose to the general security of the people.

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