Aug 23, 2009

What You Need to Know About Passport Renewal Forms

Planning ahead and printing your passport renewal forms from the online website will save you from having to fill out forms by hand. Remember that if you are planning to visit and Application Agency do not sign these forms at home.

Standard Renewal: A renewal of your passport is required every ten years if you received your first passport after you turned 16. Children however must have their passports renewed every five years regardless of what age they were when they received their first passport. If you have changed your name through divorce decree, marriage or legal name change and you report this change within the first year there is no charge for this service. Renewal by mail is available for those who received their first passport after the age of 16 or who are reporting a legal name change.

Name Changes: When renewing your passport because of a name change you will need to include your divorce decree or your marriage certificate. People who have had their name legally changed must include those documents as well.

Visas: When you submit your renewal application you can also request additional visas. Forms are available online for those who wish to make use of this service. Blank visa sheets are sometimes required by foreign countries and you may request them when renewing your passport.

What is Required: Requirements for passport renewal are the same as applying for your first passport. Passport photos need to be taken and included. Two identical two inch by two inch photographs of your face and shoulders, identification documents such as your driver's license, social security card, your certified birth certificate or your military ID if you're a solder will need to be seen or sent with your application form.

Errors: Misspelled names are the most common errors on passports. Sometimes your birth date is wrong or numbers have been transposed. When your passport arrives, check it carefully and report these mistakes to your Application Agency. You will be instructed on how to return the passport to have these errors corrected.

Emergency Situations: Emergencies sometimes happen. If you find that your passport has expired or will expire soon contact the Contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 (TYY/TDD 1-888-847-2778) and they will help you through the emergency passport process.

Renewal Denied: No one wants to receive a notice telling them that their passport renewal application has been denied. It is easier to prevent this from happening than to correct it once it has. Contact the Application Agency if you have had a recent criminal conviction. If you owe back child support or taxes you should take care of these issues before you apply for a renewal of your passport. Both of these issues will result in your application being denied. It takes months to correct these problems once you have submitted your application.

Stay on top of the details and print you passport renewal forms online.

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