Aug 23, 2009

Visitors to the United States - Requirements For a US Tourist Visa

The United States welcomes and encourages visitors from foreign countries. In addition to your nation's passport, the US requires that you also apply for a tourist visa. There are several requirements to obtain a visa and you'll want to start planning well in advance of your visit so as to not delay your travel plans.

A visa is required for any visit to the United States. You may be considering a trip to see the sights and natural beauty, visit friends, or work temporarily. Perhaps your needs are more serious as you're coming for medical help. Each type of visit has different requirements. A tourist visa is intended for those who are coming for sightseeing and traveling to various areas of the country.

One important aspect of a visa to the United States is that every person who enters is treated as if they plan on immigrating permanently. Therefore, the burden to prove otherwise rests on you. This means you'll need to produce supporting documentation which verifies that your visit is temporary. Any paperwork that confirms the length of your stay, such as airline tickets or itinerary, is helpful. Showing that you are highly likely to return to your home country such as proof of employment or verification of your permanent residence will also work.

The United States Embassy located in your home country is typically the place to start the visa application process. Or the Consulate in your area also has this authority. Here you'll need to arrange for an interview if you're 14 or older, up to the age of 79. Interview dates can be difficult to schedule, so make arrangements well in advance of your trip so that you don't have to change your travel plans.

Since a visa is a document which verifies your identify, you'll be required to submit for digital fingerprinting as part of the visa process. Also, local agencies, depending on country, typically add additional requirements. Check with the Embassy to learn more.

The tourist visa application form is available from the US Embassy or can be downloaded from the web site of the United States Department of State. Requirements change so be sure to check carefully for which exact form fits your situation. Look over the forms marked DS-156 or DS-150 to determine which one is right for you.

The United States Department of State currently charges a fee of $131.00 for a tourist visa. Additional fees are also frequently required by each country, so be ready to add to that amount if that applies to yours. Check with your local offices to find out how much you can expect to pay.

These are general guidelines for applying for a US Tourist Visa, so you're encouraged to visit the web site for the United States Department of State for more details.

Once you have completed the process and have your visa, you'll be ready to have a wonderful visit to the US and enjoy all the sights.

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